Debt relief company joins forces with point-of-need lender to help more consumers get out of debt.

Tuesday, December 4th

IRVINE, CA: Alleviate Financial Solutions, a leader in the wholesale and retail debt relief industry, has announced a strategic partnership with LendingUSA, an award-winning provider of point-of-need financing. The partnership will provide additional debt relief options for Alleviate clients through the Fresh Start Lending program.

Compliance was a major consideration in the decision to partner with Alleviate, with LendingUSA ensuring that every aspect of Alleviate Financial Solutions’ operations and procedures were compliant with the company’s guidelines.

“LendingUSA made sure the Alleviate business model was feasible economically, all the way to the company having no violations, unfair, deceptive acts, or abusive practices,” states Jonathan Yong, General Counsel and Director of Compliance for Alleviate.

This strategic partnership means that both Alleviate Financial Solutions and LendingUSA will be able to offer more options to their clients in the lending and consumer debt relief marketplace, including the Fresh Start program. Fresh Start, a joint effort by the two companies to create a debt relief loan option, serves a need to help the consumer settle their debts in a shorter time frame.

“We’re extremely excited about our partnership with Alleviate,” says Camilo Concha, Founder and CEO of LendingUSA. “They share our goal of helping everyday people with innovative, effective and compliant debt relief solutions. Working in partnership with LendingUSA and our Fresh Start Lending program, Alleviate will be able to help even more people get out of debt.”

“We greatly value this opportunity and our new partnership with LendingUSA. This is not something we take lightly,” says Michael Barsoum, Founder and CEO of Alleviate. “Alleviate Financial Solutions and LendingUSA are thinking outside the box with what the consumer needs. With the importance of compliance and service at the center of the partnership, this may be just what the debt relief and lending marketplace needs to better assist the middle-class American who is in financial hardship.”

About Alleviate Financial Solutions: Alleviate Financial Solutions’ mission is to provide stress-free financial solutions for those who are buried in debt and financial hardship. The company’s founder and CEO, Michael Barsoum, brings with him over a decade of experience and leadership in the debt relief industry with regards to retail sales and wholesale servicing. Alleviate Financial Solutions’ company DNA brings with it a “client first/customer is always right” approach which focuses on the consumer’s needs.

About LendingUSA: LendingUSA’s mission is to create lasting partnerships by providing innovative point-of-need financing solutions for the important moments in life. It offers financing for consumers in specialty markets including the elective medical industry, dental care, pets and pet care, and more. They are committed to creating the best point-of-need consumer financing experience available, using a proprietary lending solution that leverages both traditional and next-generation underwriting and fraud detection techniques to pre-approve loans as quickly as a few seconds. LendingUSA works closely with its merchant partners, providing the tools and training they need to easily and efficiently maximize customer financing approvals and grow their business. For more information, visit All loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Bank. Member FDIC.