offers something different for debt

settlement to help consumers resolve debt issues for good


(Irvine, CA) The average American has approximately $38,000 in personal debt,

not including their mortgage. That’s more than $1,000 from 2018.

With the explosive growth of consumer debt, Americans are searching for viable

debt relief options. Alleviate Financial Solutions has been bringing a unique

financial product to the everyday consumer in financial hardship.

Unlike other Debt Settlement companies who rely on luck hoping that creditors

will not sue the consumers, Alleviate Financial Solutions has a plan and stands

by it. They will even cover attorney’s fees should a consumer ever be sued by

their creditor. Most other companies just encourage their consumers to default on

their debts with false promises to settle those debts after they get a judgment.

“We aren’t like all the other Debt Settlement Companies out there,” stated

Alleviate Financial Solutions spokesperson Ryan Joseph. “We can’t stop

creditors from filing lawsuits, no one can. Other companies won’t tell you there is

a risk of lawsuit in debt settlement; however, we know you can’t just put your

head in the sand and hope for the best. When it comes to our consumers, they

demand we have a plan from A to Z. Because of this, we have partnered with a

national debtor’s rights law firm which independently handles the defense of

every consumer enrolled with Alleviate, at no cost to the consumer. This is one of

the many parts of the multifaceted Alleviate debt resolution product that has it

rising above the rest.”

As if this isn’t enough, Alleviate Financial Solutions provides a loan option 6

month into the debt settlement program. This allows consumers the opportunity

to qualify for a loan that will then help resolve their debts even faster than the

standard 24-48 months. The loan will also help consumers recover their credit

score if they pay the loan down consistently.

The team at Alleviate Financial Solutions encourages people facing debt

problems to contact the team and schedule a free debt analysis. This initial

assessment is completely risk-free and provides clients with an overview of how

the financial services of this company can benefit their situation and debt


“We are always finding innovative ways to help people when it comes to debt

settlement, as we have found older methods don’t work for everyone,” continued

Joseph. “Instead, we handle each client’s case individually to provide them with

the highest quality services that addresses their specific debt issues and

concerns. This is what makes our services superior to other debt settlement

companies available today. We offer solutions that provide help and teach

consumers How Debt Settlement Works.”

Additional information about the innovative debt relief services offered by

Alleviate Financial Solutions can be found by visiting the company’s website or by

reaching out to the team via phone or email.


Alleviate Financial Solutions is a premier provider of best-in-class performancebased

consumer debt relief services. The entire team is committed to providing

the highest level of customer care across the organization. From the performancebased

fee structure and account management systems to the industry-leading

service area, all aspects of this program are designed with consumers in mind.

The programs are custom-tailored to the financial situation of each client and are

continuously evaluated for quality and performance improvement. The team

takes price in holding themselves, and their level of service, to a high standard of

excellence and will not rest until clients are debt free.

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