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    Debt Resolution Service For Business & Personal Debts

    Alleviate Financial provides debt resolution services for clients who need help navigating the sometimes complicated process of negotiating down penalties and interest on their unsecured debts.

    Our experienced creditor specialists have the inside knowledge about what different creditors will generally accept as part of a debt resolution program.

    Debt Resolution Programs

    Programs for debt resolution can combine unsecured debts into a single payment that makes getting out of debt finally possible. When high-interest revolving debt like credit cards grows beyond a certain point, just the interest alone can be too much to pay every month. In these situations, it’s next to impossible to get things back under control. Our advisors at Alleviate Financial can help you choose from the debt resolution programs for your situation.

    Credit Card Debt Resolution

    If you have high-balance credit card debts, you’re likely paying hundreds of dollars every month in interest charges alone. Add in late penalties and over-the-limit charges, and your balance just keeps going up.

    Resolution of your credit cards with a debt resolution plan from Alleviate Financial can stop the fees and excessive interest so you can get your finances back on track.

    Collection Agency Debt Resolution

    When debt collectors acquire your debt from a credit card company or medical office, they pay only a fraction of what you owe. Debt resolution services from Alleviate Financial can help you negotiate down the inflated balance that debt collection agencies attempt to charge.

    Do all credit card companies accept debt resolution programs?

    The credit card companies are under no legal obligation to accept a debt resolution program offer. But with that said, they would always rather receive some payment than nothing.

    When the debt resolution specialists at Alleviate Financial contact your credit card companies, they have the experience to make an undeniable case for your debt resolution. Rest assured, it’s rare we don’t get outstanding results from our credit card company debt negotiations.

    Resolution of Credit Card Debt

    The complicated thing about tax debt resolution is the ever-present threat of tax liens and bank levies when IRS tax debts go unpaid for very much time. But with credit cards, debt resolution solutions can take a little more time to get just right.

    Part of the process sometimes involves building up funds to offer a lump-sum settlement payment. As one of the highest-rated debt resolution companies, Alleviate Financial has the expertise to guide you down the perfect debt resolution plan for your financial scenario.

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    When credit card accounts start to reach their limits, your chances of the credit card companies charging you over-the-limit fees, higher interest rates, and late fees increases. Once you default on your credit card accounts, the credit card companies exercise their full power to heap on fees and interest, making it even more likely you’ll be trapped in a downward financial spiral.

    Thankfully, the debt relief pros at Alleviate Financial Solutions are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team is wholeheartedly committed to giving our clients industry-leading service that produces unmatched results. We have helped thousands of customers achieve financial stability by settling their debts for less than what they owe, and we look forward to helping you as well!