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Who is Alleviate?

ALLEVIATE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS is a premier provider of performance-based debt relief services.  Our core business is debt settlement (debt relief services).  We settle your debts for less than what you owe by negotiating new terms with your creditors.

Over the last few years, Alleviate has worked tirelessly to serve our client’s and become a leader in the debt relief services industry. Founded in 2018, Alleviate has enrolled nearly $1 billion in gross debt and has settled over $300 million in debt.

Our Mission is to improve people’s lives by unlocking their future one debt at a time.

Our Vision is to be a market leader providing financial solutions and financial literacy to every household in America.

“Credit Card debt is a vicious cycle for most.  Consumers get in and out of debt repeatedly – ultimately causing them to live paycheck to paycheck.  Many companies are okay with this because they see the client as a repeat customer.  At Alleviate, our vision is different.  We are not meant to be here as a transactional company who resolves debts and takes a fee.  Our true purpose is to help each consumer to not only get out of debt, but to also stay out of debt for good.  We plan to do this by educating each client with valuable financial insights throughout our program.  As a leader in the consumer debt space, Alleviate truly cares about the customer and will do whatever is necessary to set them up for a lifetime of success.”

Michael B.  – CEO

Alleviate Cares!

Our mission, vision and core values are everything to us!

The Alleviate team is passionate about helping people improve and take back control of their lives. Every client that signs with Alleviate becomes part of our family and we take great care to develop and nurture a long-lasting relationship. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer care across our organization. Our programs are tailored to the financial situation of each client and are continuously evaluated for quality and performance improvement. We hold ourselves, and our level of service, to a high standard of excellence and will not rest until our clients are debt free.

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