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Are you stressed out from constant harassing phone calls and letters from your creditors? Are your credit cards maxed out, with more and more fees being added to their balances every single month?  Once credit cards start to reach their limits, it’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of over-the-limit charges, penalties, and higher interest rates, making it even harder to get things back under control. The anxiety caused by piling-up credit card debt can be overwhelming. When debts keep growing faster and faster, it can feel like there is no way out.

If you feel like there’s no escape from your bad financial situation, take a breath because there IS a way to get help.

Debt consolidation is one way to get relief from the stress of growing unsecured debt that you can no longer pay comfortably (if at all). At Alleviate Financial Solutions, we help you consolidate your unsecured debt into one monthly payment that’s easy to budget for, often slashing balances in the process, reducing interest and penalties so you can get out of debt faster.

What is Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation can also be referred to as debt adjustment or debt settlement. Companies that offer debt consolidation like Alleviate Financial Solutions specializes in negotiating with creditors directly every day, so you can rest assured you’ll get the most beneficial debt consolidation program available to you. With a debt consolidation plan, you’ll be able to pay off your debt easier and in a far shorter span of time than if you attempted going it alone.

Debt Consolidation With Alleviate Financial Includes:

  • Reducing unsecured debt balances
  • Reducing the overall amount paid on debt each month
  • Reducing fees and over-the-limit charges to reduce overall debt
  • Reducing the total time it takes to get out of debt and back on track

Debt Consolidation Services from Alleviate Financial 

Debt consolidation services can provide a better financial alternative to bankruptcy for many people. Instead of wrecking your credit for up to ten years as bankruptcy does, a debt consolidation program will adversely affect your credit for a much shorter amount of time while still providing relief from heavy debt payments that are drowning you financially.

Debt consolidation services from Alleviate Financial Solutions helps people like you get relief from the stress and anxiety of constant calls from creditors and nasty letters demanding immediate payment on an ever-growing debt. Unsecured debt can quickly spiral out of control, making it difficult to impossible to pay back down. We help you get things turned around and back on track.

We help make paying off your debt easier, and we help you get it done in less time. By consolidating your debt into one lump-sum payment every month through a debt settlement, you’ll have one simple payment to budget for and at a lower total expense than your current combined payments.

Aside from having an easier single monthly payment, debt consolidation saves many of our clients thousands in interest charges and fees such as over-the-limit charges. This reduction in your balance helps you get out of a dire financial position much sooner, and each payment will be making a bigger difference toward getting you on track financially.

Our passion at Alleviate Financial Solutions is guiding people to financial freedom. We understand the stressful situation unsecured debt companies create for people, and we are here to stop them from continually ruining your day. We’re determined advocates who strive to provide you the debt relief you deserve so you can get ahead in life.

What Debt Consolidation Results Can Alleviate Financial Give You?

Ready to put a stop to the harassment by your creditors? Here at Alleviate Financial Solutions, we get debt consolidation results for hardworking folks just like you every day. When you take the first step toward a new financial future, you can expect debt consolidation results such as:

  • Freeing yourself from debt faster than without debt consolidation, often in a few years.
  • Debt consolidation can result in significant reductions in your debt balances. Our seasoned negotiators deal with your creditors to reduce interest charges, late fees, and over-the-limit fees that are making it difficult to escape your debt.
  • You’ll be set up with one lower yet more impactful payment into a debt repayment savings account, rather than multiple payments that cost you more but never move the needle on getting out of debt. One simple payment helps you budget with the peace of mind you’ll pay off the debt if you stay on track until the program’s end.
  • We help you establish smart financial habits to get you out of debt faster and stay out of debt long-term. We regularly publish resources for getting out of debt on our blog and YouTube channel to help you stay out of a bad financial situation in the future.


Coach Hector

I didn’t trust any of these companies because I heard a lot of negative things about them until I found Alleviate Financial Solutions and little by little they are taking care of my debts. Thankyou so much guys.

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I’m extremely happy so far with the progress Alleviate has made. I would highly recommend Alleviate!!!

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These people do what they say. They work for you and they are there for you.I’m very pleased with the service they’ve provided.

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When credit card accounts start to reach their limits, your chances of the credit card companies charging you over-the-limit fees, higher interest rates, and late fees increases. Once you default on your credit card accounts, the credit card companies exercise their full power to heap on fees and interest, making it even more likely you’ll be trapped in a downward financial spiral.

Thankfully, the debt relief pros at Alleviate Financial Solutions are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team is wholeheartedly committed to giving our clients industry-leading service that produces unmatched results. We have helped thousands of customers achieve financial stability by settling their debts for less than what they owe, and we look forward to helping you as well!

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