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Unsecured debt is one of the hardest types of debt to get out from underneath once it gets out of hand. Having unsecured debt such as high-interest credit card debt has a major negative impact on your credit score, making it hard to get home loans and car loans at reasonable rates, further entrenching you in a bad financial situation.

Once your credit card balances start to reach their limits, it becomes more and more likely you’ll start being charged additional upfront fees, which in turn trigger other fees being added on, like over-the-limit fees or late fees. Even worse, once you stop making payments, your creditors can spike your rates to ridiculous levels, making getting out of debt even harder.

The mental weight of dealing with debt can be extremely stressful. The balances just keep growing faster and faster, making it feel like escape is impossible. 

Fortunately, there are debt solutions and debt relief programs for relieving the everyday stress of growing unsecured debt.

Debt settlement companies are one possibility for getting out from under ever-growing unsecured debt. Debt relief services provided by companies like Alleviate Financial can help you significantly reduce balances and allows you to pay your credit cards off in a far shorter amount of time than possible.

What Are Debt Relief Services?

Debt relief is sometimes called debt adjustment or debt settlement, and companies that offer these are professional debt negotiators that help their clients get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. They deal with debt collectors, negotiate with creditors, and help you settle your debts.

Companies that offer debt relief services work to help their clients negotiate new payment terms with their creditors. For example:

  • Cutting unsecured loan and credit card balances as part of a settlement agreement
  • Have 1 lower monthly payment program for more manageable levels
  • Reducing credit cards and unsecured debt principal balances
  • Getting interest charges removed or significantly reduce the amount you owe

Debt Relief Services from Alleviate Financial

Debt relief services can provide faster relief for people dealing with the anxiety and daily stress caused by increasing unsecured debt like credit cards or high-interest personal loans. These types of debt can quickly spiral out of control, making it feel totally impossible to pay off debt.

If you and your family are living with a creditor or debt collector constantly calling your home and sending nasty letters, you may want to reach out to a certified debt relief company. A debt relief company like Alleviate Financial can negotiate a plan to pay your ever-increasing debt off quickly, allowing you to move forward with your life and into a brighter financial future.

Often, debt relief agreements involve combining all of your unsecured debt payments into one lump sum payment that’s far less than your current combined payments. Instead of paying creditors directly, the debt relief service company will open dedicated saving accounts for clients, and payments go into that account. The debt relief services company will be sure the agreement is followed closely, guiding you on your way to a more secure financial position.

Beyond the lower total debt payment each month, debt relief services can provide you with a way out of your crushing debt loads, which is a solid alternative to filing for bankruptcy. This makes it far easier for you to escape your circumstances.

It’s sometimes possible to negotiate with your creditors directly. But you’ll have a much better chance of success if you instead leverage the relationships a reputable debt relief company such as Alleviate Financial has with creditors. If you’re unsure what the best debt management strategy might be, we are here to help you figure out what options you have.

Every day, we are helping people just like you get on a new path to financial freedom. The credit card companies don’t want you to stop paying them interest, so they aren’t easy to convince of reorganizing your debt to more manageable terms. We’re committed to advocating for you to provide you the debt relief you need to get on with your life.

What debt relief results can Alleviate Financial give you?

Our debt relief services help you:

  • Pay your debt faster, often in a few short years or sooner.
  • Negotiate balance reductions. Our experts contact your creditors to get reductions on  your outstanding unsecured debts. 
  • Manage your debt easily, as our program is a 1 lower monthly payment program that enables you to budget for more financial stability reliably.
  • Assistance with establishing strong financial habits and money management that will get you out of debt faster and help you stay out of debt long-term. We continually publish financial education resources to our blog and YouTube channel, as well as send out newsletters so you can learn smart ways to escape and avoid a bad financial situation.


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When credit card accounts start to reach their limits, your chances of the credit card companies charging you over-the-limit fees, higher interest rates, and late fees increases. Once you default on your credit card accounts, the credit card companies exercise their full power to heap on fees and interest, making it even more likely you’ll be trapped in a downward financial spiral.

Thankfully, the debt relief pros at Alleviate Financial Solutions are equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team is wholeheartedly committed to giving our clients industry-leading service that produces unmatched results. We have helped thousands of customers achieve financial stability by settling their debts for less than what they owe, and we look forward to helping you as well!

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