Mission Statement and Core Values

Our Mission is to provide solutions and relieve stress for those who are buried in debt or have financial hardship.

Core Values


Our service to you has and always will be our top priority. This means we will always go the extra mile to understand your unique situation and make sure you are taken care of from all angles.

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Helping people alleviate their financial debt and stress is what we do, being compassionate is who we are. We understand that debt can cause burdens of stress, sleepless nights and emotional anxiety in your life. Every Alleviate team member you speak with not only cares about solving your problems—they care about you!

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We maintain a consistent level of excellence through innovative leadership, strategic measurable goals, a constancy of purpose, and a sense of public responsibility to serve those who are faced with overwhelming financial hardship.


We know questions and uncertainties may arise, and we want you to feel confident that we will always stay true to our word. We promise complete honesty and transparency so that you can feel comfortable and have peace of mind. There will never, ever be any hidden costs or ulterior motives in our business practices.


As a company that interacts directly with clients, it is our obligation to provide the best services possible in a professional manner, and this standard is established from the very first moment we speak with a client. Professionally written correspondence, financial plans, debt resolution strategies, and reports ensure that we remain accountable to our high standards of service.

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