Regardless of your income, we could all do with some extra cash every once in a while that is why we have done the research on 7 Bank Accounts Giving Away Over $100 for you. 

There are over a million ways to make money today, but if you want to know how you can make up to $750 just with the click of a button, then you’ve come to the right place.

You can earn something extra on the side by collecting bonuses from the bank. Several banks are giving away money right now when you open an account with them.

If you are on the fence about debt settlement or are having trouble paying off your debts, consider stashing up $750 for doing nothing. That’s a wonderful way to get additional money. 

Here are some bank promotions that can make that possible and 7 bank accounts giving away over $100!

Earning Money With Bank Bonuses

With the low-interest rates associated with bank accounts even on a high yield account, smart people are cashing in on bank bonuses to get extra money.

Some people mistake bank bonuses as being the same thing as credit card rewards, but they are not.

Credit card rewards are calculated and given to you based on your credit card spending, while bank bonuses come when you meet some of the bank’s demands such as signing up or putting a certain amount in your account.

Here are a few things you should know about bank bonuses:

1. You Can Get a Bonus on Both Savings and Checking Accounts.

When you go through the guidelines for qualifying for bank bonuses, you may find that you meet some or all of them.

You may be eligible to get a savings account or a checking account, and you may even qualify for both.


2. Bank Bonuses Are Not Streamlined Between Institutions.

The offer is different from one bank to the other. There are even different offers within the same bank.

The deposits you would be required to make to qualify for bank bonuses are also different from one bank to another.


3. The Requirements For Getting Bank Bonuses Vary From One Bank to Another.

Depending on which financial institution you choose, and how many you choose, the guidelines you need to meet would be different.

Some of the bonus offers will require you to make a deposit. Others will require that you transact with the account and often up to a certain level before you can claim your bonus.

The transaction period also varies in the later case and could range from three to six months.


4. The Bonus is Not Tax Deductible.

Bank bonuses are regarded as taxable income, and you cannot avoid this one.

So don’t be surprised when the tax form shows up in your mailbox.

Who Should Take Advantage of Bank Bonuses?

Most people are either skeptical or hesitant when they are entering into unchartered territory.

This is normal as they do not know what is awaiting them on the other side.

As far as bank bonuses go, a person who is new to the idea or who knows about it but has never tried it would wonder what the offers hold for their bottom line.

This is absolutely normal. However, if you are tired of the low interest rates on your checking and savings account but still like the idea of using a bank, you may want to cash in on bank bonuses.

If your bank is not the one offering the bonus, you will also get the chance to try a new bank and see what you have been missing or whether the offers are better.

You may even get free things attached like a new debit card or discount offers on products that you usually buy.

If you want to make more money than you already do on your cash in the bank, the bonuses are for you.

 7 bank accounts giving away over $100

Bank bonuses naturally allow you to balance up the low interests that you earn on your checking or savings account, thereby earning you a nice sum on the spot or over a specified period.

It’s like recovering earnings that you have lost. To grab the bonuses, you would usually be required to open a new account.

Sometimes, this would mean getting an account with a bank different from the one you currently operate.

Here are some of the great bonuses you can take advantage of right now. You will definitely find one that interests you or you might even pick up all.

l of 1 0f  7 Bank Accounts Giving Away Over $100

1. Chase Total

Chase Bank is currently offering up to $750 bonus!

The bank is famous for its solid promotions, and people are constantly earning lump sums when they open an account with Chase Bank.

Chase Bank’s current promotions, which are in three categories, can make you up to $750 in bonus money. Chase Total is one of the promotions running at the moment.

Chase Total is a checking account that offers you $200 bonus when you sign up.

You can open the account online or you can visit the bank. Usually, a coupon would be mailed to you from Chase Bank’s promotional page.

To redeem your bonus, you will need to make a direct deposit within 60 days of signing up, and you must leave the account open for six months.

To qualify for a Chase Total account, you must not be among the class of people who have had a Chase checking account within the last 90 days, who have closed one with a negative balance or who have a fiduciary account.

If you qualify, you can go right ahead to sign up for Chase Total and get your bonus deposited into your account.

Your deposit will reach your account at most 10 business days after your first direct deposit.


2 0f  7 Bank Accounts Giving Away Over $100

2. Chase Savings 

Chase Savings Account gives you a bonus of $150 when you sign up.

You can do that in person or on the internet. The coupon with which to sign up will be mailed to you through Chase Bank’s promotional page.

Within 20 business days, you must fund the account with at least $10,000 and you must maintain this balance for at least 90 days.

The requirements to qualify are the same with Chase Total which includes not having had a Chase checking account within the last 90 days, not having closed one with a negative balance and not having had a fiduciary account.

If you meet all these requirements and are able to open a Chase Savings account, your $150 bonus will be deposited into your new account in 10 business days or less.



3 0f  7 Bank Accounts Giving Away Over $100

3. Chase Premier Plus

You can get a bonus of $300 when you open a Chase Premier Plus Checking Account.

All you have to do is sign up online or by visiting a Chase Bank Branch. You can sign up using a coupon that would be mailed to you from the Bank’s promotional page.

To activate this account and get your bonus, you must make a direct deposit into the account within 60 days and you must leave the account open for six months.

The same requirements apply for opening this account as with Chase Total and Chase Savings account.

You will get your bonus in a maximum of 10 business days from your date of opening.

If you sign up for a Chase account today, you would be getting your bonus in at most ten days!

Chase Bank has tried to diversify the bonuses accruing to you so that you can choose which kind of account suits you best.

Head over to the Chase Bank’s website to begin opening your account or visit a branch today.


4 0f  7 Bank Accounts Giving Away Over $100

4. TD Bank Convenience Checking Account

TD Bank will offer you $150 when you open a TD Convenience Checking Account and $300 bonus when you sign up for TD Beyond Checking.

You can open either account online through the bank’s promotional page, but you must be a resident of specified cities.

You must also be a new TD Bank checking customer. Your bonus delivers to you once you have received direct deposits of up to $2500 within a period of 60 days after you sign up.

You can easily pad $450 from signing up with TD Bank.


5 0f  7 Bank Accounts Giving Away Over $100

5. Bank of America Advantage Banking

When you sign up for a Bank of America Advantage account, you will get a $100 bonus. You can choose whether to open a SafeBalance, Plus or Relationship Banking Checking account.

You can access these through their promotional page. You will need to deposit $25 to begin enjoying your bonus.


6 0f  7 Bank Accounts Giving Away Over $100

6. PNC Bank Virtual Wallet Checking

You can open either a PNC Virtual Wallet Account, a PNC Virtual Wallet With Performance Speed Account or a PNC Virtual Wallet With Performance Select Account.

You could get $50, $200 or $300 respectively and you must deposit a minimum of $500, $2000 or $5000 to activate your bonus within 60 days.

You must also purchase something with your PNC debit card within the period. Why not earn the large bonus and spend a fraction on some niceties? Try it online or through a coupon.


7 0f  7 Bank Accounts Giving Away Over $100

7. Santander Bank Checking Account

You can open this bank online or at a bank branch. Coupons can reach you from the bank’s promotional page.

The account types are Simply Right Checking, Santander Basic Checking, Santander Select Checking, and Santander Premier Plus Checking.

Choosing any of these will instantly earn you $225 but you can only use it after you deposit up to $1000 within 90 days of setting up the account. All you have to do is get to a branch of the bank or get online to sign up.


Getting extra cash these days is always a welcome idea especially if you live in a very high cost of income area. I hope these 7 bank accounts giving away over $100 adds value to you. If you have ideas that have helped you make money please share them in the comments below.