Card card refinancing vs. credit card debt consolidation loans? What may work for you could depend on your situation. Let’s discuss the pros and cons here.


  • What is Debt Consolidation
  • What does Refinancing a Credit Card do?
    • Pros of Credit Card Refinancing
    • Cons of Credit Card Refinancing
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Settlement Companies
  • Go Debt Free With Alleviate Financial Solutions

Credit cards are pretty valuable items. They make it possible to pay for almost anything instantly without needing checks or cash—at least not immediately.

Bills ultimately become due, so if you’re having trouble paying them off, it’s time to find a solution that won’t jeopardize your financial future. Credit card refinancing and debt consolidation loans are options in this category to keep in mind.

While both can help you manage your debt more effectively, it’s essential to understand what each can accomplish for you and its advantages and disadvantages so you can choose wisely.

Read on to learn more about refinancing credit cards, debt relief options, while also making the most of a good credit score, debt settlement, and other debt-relief services.

What Is Debt Consolidation?

This is a financial tactic that enables you to merge several loans into a single one. You receive several bills each month, frequently at various times, when you have multiple debts in the form of credit cards, shop cards, a car loan, medical expenses, and personal loans.

Each creditor may have a different set of terms and fees. In contrast, this approach offers a more precise overview of your loan with a set interest rate and the repayment period.

In comparison, credit cards often permit a lower overall interest rate. Debt consolidation could provide the advantages you’re searching for if you believe you need additional time, stability, or structure to repay your loan and access debt relief.


  • 3–5 year monthly payment that is fixed.
  • You won’t require collateral if you can obtain a personal loan.
  • A personal loan from relatives or friends may offer better repayment terms and cheaper (or nil!) interest rates.
  • Instead of juggling many credit card bills, make one monthly payment.


  • A personal loan may take a while to process if you choose that option.
  • Fees may mount up.
  • You might not qualify for the best rates based on your credit score.
  • For three to five years, you will be making loan payments; if you don’t curtail or at least cut down your credit card use, you risk finding yourself in a similar situation again.

What Does Refinancing A Credit Card Do?

Transferring the balance of one or more credit cards to another one with better interest rates is known as refinancing. You can reduce your interest payments by obtaining a lower interest rate.

Moreover, several credit card providers offer 0% introductory rates. In this case, you won’t be subject to interest charges for a set time; however, you might be required to pay higher interest rates after that.

The variable and flexible nature of credit card refinancing allow for choices like 0% introductory offers and no fixed monthly payments. Increased flexibility also means that your interest rate could go up, and there is no deadline for repaying the loan.

Credit card refinancing can appeal to you if you are confident that you can pay off all or most of your debt before the 0% promotional offer expires.


  • You undoubtedly save money if the card has a credit limit high enough to cover all of your other credit card debts.
  • You won’t be required to pay interest on the outstanding balance during the promotional period, thanks to the 0% interest rate.
  • Applying for refinancing is comparatively simple, and the response is received fast.
  • You might be able to pay off all of your debt if you cut back on using credit cards.


  • Not everybody is eligible. Your credit score must be at least 670 to qualify for a 0% interest rate, and you’ll likely need a score of at least 700 to get more than a six-month initial term.
  • The 0% rate has a time limit; it usually wears out after 12 to 18 months. If you don’t pay it off by then, you’ll be charged interest at 16%–20%.
  • The new card’s credit limit must be high enough to cover all or the majority of the balances on your existing cards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Debt Settlement Companies

Here are a few questions people ask when choosing who to work with when looking for debt settlement companies and debt consolidation:

What qualities does a debt settlement firm need to have?

The finest debt settlement firms are clear about costs, have a track record of providing outstanding customer service, and have received accreditation from a trade group like the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC).

How effective is debt settlement for me?

There is no better way to get out of debt for people and families looking for an efficient debt solution as an alternative to bankruptcy. But not everyone will find it helpful.

Will debt settlement stop debt collection calls?

No, a debt settlement company can guarantee a complete cessation of collection calls. We are aware of the strain these collection calls may cause, and we value the opportunity to provide assistance and knowledge in preventing collection harassment.

Go Debt Free With Alleviate Financial Solutions

Many banks let users create and identify sub-accounts for specific financial purposes, which might help you keep organized. Everyone should establish emergency savings to avoid unsecured debts and a poor credit score.

At Alleviate Financial Solutions, we boast debt relief services with professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team is wholeheartedly committed to giving our clients industry-leading service that produces unmatched results. We have helped thousands of customers achieve debt relief and financial stability and avoid debt settlement scams by assessing their finances for less than what they owe.

We look forward to assisting others in gaining reliable debt relief services. Maintaining financial stability in the short term can mean the difference between staying out of debt and surviving a financial crisis. 

Debt settlement can seem intimidating to those who have never opted for debt relief from a credible debt relief company. However, working with the right debt settlement company can help reform your financial habits while working with credit counseling agencies to meet your debt management plans.

See Alleviate Financial Solutions as top-tier pros from a reliable debt relief company to handle unsecured debt and create a strategic debt management plan even a creditor or debt collector will notice. We can link you with the best debt relief programs and personally access loans that will aid in debt consolidation while maintaining a good credit score in the long run.